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Magura eStop

Magura eStop

I still remember the assembly of the first MT7 uand the first ride with the new brake caliper. The brake makes a good rider a better one! Long, steep, technical trails lead even the strongest biker to fatigue at some point. The fatigue is on the one hand physical, but on the other hand also psychological. So the less the muscles and the head are used, the cleaner the rider steers his bike. Especially violet and black trails demand full attention and a fresh unity of body and mind. So if the control centre as a pulse generator and the muscles of the hand as a mediator tire less quickly, the biker rides better and has more fun. It is as simple as that! With the eStop Magura hits exactly this notch and provides the e-biker exactly this support and ensures more fun under power.

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Magura eStop on Supertrails:
The grappling hook! Stability even after 1000 depth metres and a system weight of over 100 kilograms.