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  • Switzerland
  • Graubunden
  • Davos Klosters
The tour starts in Filisur and leads to Bergün along the sign-posted mountain bike route (90 Graubünden Bike). However, it is easier to get on the train in Filisur and skip this ascent. The ascent to Stugl begins immediately behind the train station and then continues from there to the residential settlement of Runsolas. The ascent on the alpine road through Val da Stugl is initially very steep, but then becomes increasingly flatter. The idyllic high alpine valley makes you feel like you are somewhere in Alaska. Pine and larch forests break through alpine pastures, through which a wild mountain stream flows through the middle. Meanwhile, the ascent has merged onto an easily rideable single trail. The path then becomes increasingly steeper and for the last 400 metres to Ducanfurgga, bikes need to be pushed or carried. However, the scenery on this alpine transition is spectacular - as is the single trail down into the Ducan valley. The super-trail ends in Sertig, from where the return journey to Filisur begins, leading over the world-famous Landwasser Epic Trail (Alps Trail Davos). The single trail leads from Sertig up to Äbirugg (Rinerhorn) and then remains on the ridgeway that leads to the Hauderalp. A short descent leads to Monstein, after which it is time for a 200-metre climb to a world-class trail leading to Jenisberg. There the trail heads down the Zügenschlucht gorge and later reaches the Wiesen train station, after which you follow the Landwasser river until you reach the Landwasser viaduct. The main road is then used to return to Filisur.
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